The Amazon Effect: Future of Electronics Distribution is Marketplace Model

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jaxongibbs   7/26/2017 4:14:34 AM

Amazon has become the mostly used brand for online shopping and it now doesn't require any sort of promotion to get business. Amazon always coming up with more offers to attract customers. I think other brands do good competition with Amazon and it is also appreciable as well. Obviously, the history of Amazon is interesting. I recommend you custom history writing experts to get more history and how Amazon became the universal brand.

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Amazon the the race to zero quality
haladf   7/25/2017 9:08:09 AM

Amazon has tended to target the end customer, where margins are high, when it moves to the other end of the supply chain, it will find things are different.

As a consumer, I call up and say I want goods, as a manufacturer, I call up and say the consumer might want goods at a holiday period or special event or just because, so I might want to order or I might not, so you need to hold stock, manage quality, supply documentary evidence of all events, comply with all regulations, take back inventory I don't want, hunt your supply chain for product, confirm it is genuine and not conterfeit, complies with all local and international regulations.

Amazon say what?????


I know companies that buy form Amazon and none can supply even the outlines of the information required.  Unlike the author, I have worked in electronics and can assure him that price is not the thing, it is quality, verification of source, all things Amazon can't do. 

Some small players might use Amazon for unimportant things but the industry is not just about buying products, as anyone who works in it will tell him.  Good luck Amazon, if you try electronics like you do everything else, you will fail, your record on profits and quality show you to be a sham

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