Blockchain & the Big Supply Chain Infrastructure Puzzle

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John Benito
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Re Blockchain and its benefits
John Benito   9/18/2018 12:01:00 PM

Like the previous reader of your post, I have read many detailed and some not so comments, about blockchain! Recently I read an article in the Economist Magazine (Dated Sept. 1st, 2018) in which among many things stated in the article, is that many companies are staying away from Blockchain technology basically because it is just too cumbersome, difficult and expensive to implement. The article states "Because blockchains and cryptocurrencies are notoriously complicated, non experts from other industries can end up confused by techno-speak, whereas advocates of the technologies are so excited by the potential that they give insufficient attention to important details of the industries they are aiming to revolutionize!"  I am an older guy that went from Kardex cards to computers, to MRP / MPS, to ERP / DRP systems and the motto right through my working life was "Keep it simple stupid" Whenever, complicated / difficult systems were tried in the Supply Chain, they have not work as initially planned and the results have always been short of original expectations. Having said that, the best results we ever achieved were due to the fact that we streamlined the processes and made everyone from RM's suppliers to retailers accountable for their performance. For what is worth!!! JB  

pratik soni
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Re: BlockChain Will revolutionize the supply chain
pratik soni   9/12/2018 1:49:15 AM

Hi BlockChain Will - thanks for the comment, we're happy you enjoyed reading the article and I agree that Blockchain integration into ERP systems will help drive transparency and trust across the value-chain.

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BlockChain Will revolutionize the supply chain
rathorehitendra   9/11/2018 9:01:35 AM

I have read many articles about blockchain integration with erp software, and always the conclusion is that blockchain will simply the supply chain, Integration of blockchain with erp not only revolutionize supply chain but also it'll help in many areas like asset tracking, distribution operation. by the way, I really enjoyed reading the article.

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