Author: Carolyn Mathas

Carolyn Matthas is editor at EDN's Sensor Design Center, Wireless & Networking Design Center, and LED Design Center, and editor of Industrial Control DesignLine at EETimes.  Mathas served as director of marketing at Micriµm Inc., which she joined after serving as an editor for such TechInsights properties as Network Systems DesignLine, Mobile Handset DesignLIne, and CommsDesign, as well as senior editor at PennWell's Lightwave Magazine and CleanRooms Magazine. She provided marketing and public relations expertise to such clients as Philips Semiconductor, Mysticom, and Altera's Santa Cruz Division. She created the launch campaign for the CoolRunner family for the Philips CPLD Business Unit. She also served as director of marketing at the fabless security IC startup Securealink. She holds a BS in marketing from the University of Phoenix and an MBA from New York Institute of Technology.

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