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Alan P. Amling
Alan Amling oversees marketing efforts for UPS's global logistics and distribution services. He moved into this role after serving as head of the New Product Development Concepts Team, overseeing the development of some of UPS's largest product and marketing initiatives. In addition to traditional products and services, Amling was focused on supporting UPS's Decision Green platform. Previouy, Amling managed the development and marketing of UPS Trade Direct, the first wave of bundled supply chain solutions. He also was responsible for marketing UPS's electronic commerce solutions.

Charlie Covert
Charlie Covert is vice president, Customer Solutions, High Tech and Industrial Manufacturing Sectors at UPS. Charlie is responsible for customer solutions, supply chain design, and consulting for UPS' high tech and industrial manufacturing sector customers. He works with clients of strategic importance to UPS to understand their entire supply chain as it supports their business strategy and then leads development of strategic and tactical alternatives, evaluation of business cases, and execution of the selected strategy. Charlie was previously the Director of UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Americas Region Customer Solutions, overseeing all solutions for new business revenue. Prior to joining UPS, Charlie spent seven years at Sedlak Management Consultants performing distribution center design and implementation, and information systems design and implementation. Previously, he worked for McDonnell Douglas as a materials handling engineer and operations manager. Charlie served in the Ohio and California Air National Guard as an inventory management specialist.

Jim Gerard
Jim Gerard currently manages the design and execution of UPS's marketing plans for growing global forwarding, logistics, and transportation revenues in the high-tech and electronics vertical. He moved into this role after several rotations in database marketing, small business segment strategy and CRM analytics. Prior to UPS, Jim held various sales and marketing positions at an Inc. 500 software reseller.

Alantria Harris
Alantria manages the design and execution of UPS's marketing plans to grow global forwarding, logistics, and transportation revenues in the high-tech industry. Her area of concentration is International trade in the high-tech industry. Prior to UPS she was in several marketing strategy roles at Procter & Gamble.

Ken Rankin
Ken Rankin is the Director of Marketing for the High-Tech Segment at UPS. In this role, he leads a team focused on developing and executing UPS's strategy to serve the unique needs of high-tech customers. Previously, he was Director of Marketing for UPS Freight. He also held various marketing roles in New Product Development and Product Management at UPS. Ken began his career at UPS in 1989 as a marketing analyst in Greenwich, Conn. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Bucknell University and a Master of Science degree from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

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