Author: George Karalias

George Karalias, Director, Marketing & Communications, Rochester Electronics
George Karalias is Director of Marketing and Communications for Rochester Electronics. He has worked with the company for more than 10 years. His experience in the high-tech and computer industries started in 1983 when he graduated from Boston College. Early in his career, he worked for some of the best advertising and marketing companies in New England. On the corporate side, George has directed the marketing and branding of several companies including Avid Technology, the pioneer in digital video editing. In 2006, before it was considered a serious problem, he helped Rochester launch an awareness campaign about the counterfeit issue in the semiconductor industry with a well attended symposium and the creation of the SIA's Anti-Counterfeit Task Force. He can be reached at

Dan Deisz, Director of Design Engineering, Rochester Electronics
Dan Deisz has more than 25 years of experience in design engineering, technology marketing, and engineering management. He was at LSI Logic for 20 years where he supported several hundred ASIC designs through the signoff process, managed all the North American Design Centers, and ended his tenure in Technology Marketing. Dan currently manages the Design Group at Rochester Electronics and is based out of its Rockville, Md., office. He can be reached at

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