Author: Junko Yoshida

Junko Yoshida is an 18-year veteran of high-tech journalism, having served as a correspondent, bureau chief, and consumer electronics editor for EE Times in Tokyo, Silicon Valley, and Paris. Her wide range of expertise in various technology disciplines, combined with her experience in consumer electronics, has allowed her to trace breakthrough developments in numerous technologies including audio/visual codes, digital TVs, DVDs, mobile TV, RFIDs, and many others. Prior to joining EE Times in 1990, Yoshida served as a principal liaison with the foreign press in Tokyo, where she organized press junkets for groups of journalists from abroad. She started her career with EE Times as the Tokyo Correspondent for the US-based weekly newspaper. She has won various editorial awards including the "Best Beat Coverage" in digital consumer electronics. Most recently, she won first place for "Best Exclusive Story" (2002) among all the then CMP-owned publications. Educated in both the United States and Tokyo, Yoshida graduated from Hitotsubashi University with a BA in Social Science.

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