Author: Ken Fordyce

Dr. Ken Fordyce is Arkieva's Solutions Director of Semiconductors and Analytics. Before joining Arkieva, he had a very successful 36-year career with IBM, much of it in all aspects of supply chain (to use Intel's Karl Kempf's preferred term – demand supply networks) for IBM Microelectronics Division (MD). During this time period, MD was a fortune 100-size firm by itself. Fordyce was part of the teams that altered the landscape of best-practices – receiving three IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards, AAAI Innovative Application Award, and INFORMS Edelman Finalist (twice) and Wagner (winner). He writes and speaks often about the "ongoing challenge," both to practitioners and academics. He is a long-time colleague Dr. Harpal Singh, founder and CEO of Arkieva. They first met in 1997 when Arkieva did the original demand planning application for IBM that set the standard for best-practices.

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