Author: Ron Demcko

AVX Fellow Ron Demcko manages the Technical Sales Group at AVX headquarters in Fountain Inn, South Carolina. Primarily responsible for creating web-based support tools for the selection and modeling of passive components in both AVX tools and other design and modeling software, his team also identifies new product needs and component application solutions, and engages in applied development. An active contributor to his field, Demcko also authors and delivers several technical articles, papers, and presentations each year, and is a regular participant at conferences including: the Automotive Electronics Council Reliability Workshop (AECRW), Qualcomm Life Connect, SAE World Congress, SAE Convergence, Electronica, the Intel Developers Forum, and the annual Components for Military & Space Electronics Conference and Exhibition (CMSE).  Demcko  joined AVX in 1987, and has also served the company as an EMC Lab and Application Engineer. Prior to AVX, he was a product engineer at Corning Glass Works, working with radiation resistant and high temperature capacitors. He earned his Bachelor's of Science Degree in electrical engineering from Clarkson College of Technology. On the rare occasion that he's not working, Demcko enjoys amateur radio (WA2TBQ), and kayaking, biking, and tinkering in his garage lab with his wife of 32 years, Marybeth, who is also a graduate of Clarkson College of Technology and an EE. He holds two patents, and is a high-speed CW operator with a Chinese Radio Sports Association certificate for operation in China.

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