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Susan Cadel
Susan Cadel joined Semico Research Corp. as Account & Business Development Executive in 2006. She brings with her a wealth of experience in strategic analysis, new business development, market assessment, sales and profit growth, business planning, marketing services, and business intelligence. She has operational experience in many industries including semiconductors, materials, flat panel displays, life sciences, ophthalmic, and consumer businesses.

Adrienne Downey
Adrienne Downey is Director of Technology Research at Semico Research. She has 14 years of experience in the market analysis industry, covering a variety of disciplines. Over the past 12 years with Semico Research, her focus has been on NAND and NOR Flash, SRAM, cellphones, DVD, DTV, PDAs, custom research, and semiconductor industry market shares. Adrienne is responsible for covering a wide variety of disciplines related to semiconductor technology. She works with the manufacturing team and maintains the fab database. She also participates in our numerous custom research projects, supplying forward-looking information into disruptive and innovative technologies.

Jim Feldhan
Jim Feldhan founded Semico Research in 1994. A 30-year veteran of the semiconductor industry, he brings his management, forecasting, and modeling expertise to Semico, along with a reputation for quality research. He designed and developed the research methodologies and report structures, which are the basis for Semico's Custom Research and Portfolio Services. Jim also develops Semico's overall economic outlook in addition to performing various semiconductor consulting and forecasting functions.

Joanne Itow
Joanne Itow is Managing Director, Manufacturing, for Semico Research. Focusing on analysis for semiconductor manufacturing, Joanne oversees research in the following areas: wafer demand, fab capacity, technology transition, and the equipment market. Over the past 15 years, Joanne has specialized in the foundry market, forecasting foundry wafer supply and demand. She is responsible for the development and maintena

nce of the Semico Wafer Demand Model, which forecasts semiconductor wafer demand by product, technology, and wafer size. She also covers topics related to materials used in semiconductor production such as SOI (Silicon on Insulator) and copper.

Morry Marshall
Morry Marshall heads up the Semico Research Corp. Strategic Technologies practice, which covers technologies and markets vital to the growth of the semiconductor industry. He has provided custom studies evaluating the potential market for new products such as nanoprobing equipment and thermoelectric coolers. He has also authored studies covering the used semiconductor equipment market, personal computers, automotive electronics, SiGe markets, semiconductor packaging, and numerous semiconductor end-use products. After graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1961, Morry served as an Armored Cavalry platoon leader. When a line-of-duty medical retirement ended his military career, he transitioned into the electronics industry. During a subsequent career in electronics spanning more than 30 years, he accumulated progressive experience in sales, sales management, and marketing management positions and has been associated with such breakthrough products as semiconductor memory for the first personal computers and LED displays for the first handheld electronic calculators.

Tony Massimini
Tony Massimini has been in the electronics industry since 1980, and in the semiconductor business since 1984. As Chief of Technology at Semico Research since 1995, he has been analyzing the market for microprocessors (MPUs) and microcontrollers (MCUs) in both the computing and embedded control markets. His electronics experience is with industry leaders, including Eastman Kodak, VLSI Technology, STMicroelectronics, and Motorola Semiconductor. Tony has been an applications engineer for PC chipsets, smart power devices, and other semiconductors focused on the computer industry.

Michell Prunty
Michell Prunty is a Senior Consumer Analyst with Semico Research. Her emphasis is on emerging consumer markets that complement the Digital Home Portfolio. Before joining Semico, she worked on numerous consulting projects, including process improvement for Rogers Corp. and system analysis for Grand Canyon University. Michell's background in programming and IT management combined with a degree in Small Business from Arizona State University provide her with insight into the semiconductor industry from the end-user point of view.

Rich Wawrzyniak
Rich Wawrzyniak is a Senior Analyst at Semico Research. A veteran with more than 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, he currently specializes in ASICs, SoC, and semiconductor intellectual property. He has a well rounded background in both emerging and mature markets and applications with special emphasis on analog, ASIC, memory, and processor functions, as well as systems products, software development, and process technology. More recently, Rich is the noted author of reports on design starts, IP, and IP subsystems.

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