Automotive Memory: Still a Niche Market?

It's no secret that Micron Technology is bullish on the automotive market. The subject comes up frequently in corporate updates as a bright light amidst less positive company news. So it's no surprise that Micron (Boise, Idaho) is positioning its latest embedded SLC NAND for the automotive segment, as well as the trendy Internet of Things (IoT) space.

Micron’s second generation SPI and fifth generation parallel SLC NAND is aimed at meeting the needs of embedded systems designers in the areas of the connected home, wearables and the connected car, including security and easy integration. Many of these devices are relatively low density but need to be able to securely and reliably store code.

“Autonomous driving increases code requirements,” said Aravind Ramamoorthy, product line director of NAND flash for Micron's Embedded Business Unit, in a telephone interview with EE Times.

Ramamoorthy said SLC NAND is becoming the memory of choice to replace NOR-based technologies, in part because of its security features. The new SLC NAND includes permanent block locking and one-time programmable data (OTP) capability, security features that are considered table stakes for connected industrial, consumer, home and automotive applications. SPI, meanwhile, is moving from niche markets to more mainstream uses, he added.

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