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Avnet EM Japan Wins Xilinx Award

TOKYO — The Avnet EM Japan business unit of Avnet Electronics Marketing has received an “Outstanding Performance Distribution Partner Branch Award” at the 2010 Xilinx Worldwide Sales Conference in Los Angeles, California on November 11, 2010.

“Xilinx is delighted to present Avnet EM Japan with our Outstanding Performance Distribution Partner Branch Award for 2010 said Chris Henry, vice president global distribution sales for Xilinx. “Avnet EM Japan's demand creation activities grew, customer penetration numbers improved and sales of our FPGAs increased. We are especially pleased with their effort to replace ASICs with FPGAs. Xilinx looks forward to continued partnership growth in the future.”

“Avnet EM Japan is pleased with its terrific showing at the Xilinx 2010 Sales Conference,” says Yasumoto Mogi, Avnet director of Xilinx relations, Japan. “We are thankful to be recognized for our efforts to replace ASICs with FPGAs thanks to the outstanding collaboration between Xilinx and our engineering, sales and product marketing teams. This recognition helps us pick up momentum in our pursuit of new market opportunities and further solidifies Avnet's position in the FPGA market in Japan” he continued.

“The fact that we released many new low-cost Spartan-6 development boards as well as high-performance Virtex-6 development boards and kits this year helped us accelerate sales of Xilinx's latest generation of FPGA products. Also, many or our application-specific reference designs have convinced customers that FPGAs are better solutions than ASICs and can help to accelerate our partners' time to market,” added Shoichi Imazeki, Avnet senior manager of Technical Marketing , Japan.

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