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Avnet EMA Launches Technical Seminars

PHOENIX — Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas, a business region of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), introduced the Wi-Go Module, a wireless accessory module for the Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. Freedom development platform. Created by Avnet engineers, this development board transforms the Freescale Freedom development platform into a completely portable wireless sensor system.

In support of the Wi-Go board, Avnet will be holding a series of global SpeedWay™ technical seminars throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and Japan and will sponsor the “Avnet Wi-Go Design Challenge” with supplier partners Freescale, Murata and ARM®. For more information on the Wi-Go Module, visit To register for the upcoming SpeedWay, “Low-Power Design with Freescale Kinetis-L Microcontrollers,” visit

“With increasing demand for connected, battery-powered applications, Avnet joined forces with our supplier partners to create a complete wireless system that implements Wi-Fi connectivity, a rich set of sensors and a USB-rechargeable battery subsystem,” said Jim Carver, technical director, Avnet Electronics Marketing. “We’ve designed the Wi-Go Module and the upcoming SpeedWay™ technical seminars to go hand in hand. These seminars will give engineers a great opportunity to see firsthand how easy wireless applications can be when choosing the right products during the design phase.”

With an 800mA/h battery, the Avnet Wi-Go Module can be self-powered for days while facilitating portable data acquisition for the on-board sensor system. The Wi-Go Module is a companion to the Freescale Freedom development platform, featuring the new Kinetis® L microcontroller (MKL25Z128VLK4) and Avnet Getting Started Guide.

Beginning October 23, 2012, Avnet Electronics Marketing, Freescale, Murata and ARM® will be hosting a series of SpeedWay™ technical seminars in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Europe, Asia and Japan. From Austin to Sao Paulo, engineers can learn ways to incorporate the Wi-Go module with the Freescale Freedom development platform featuring the Kinetis-L microcontrollers.

Also on October 23, Avnet Electronics Marketing, along with supplier partners Freescale Semiconductor, Murata and ARM® will launch the “Avnet Wi-Go Design Challenge.”

For additional information, go to Avnet EM.

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