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Avnet, Microchip Host Tech Training

PHOENIX — Avnet Memec Americas, a division of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), announces the launch of a cooperative effort with Microchip to introduce customers to innovative solutions for motor control design. Customers have the option to either request an on-site On-Ramp Technical Session™ or attend a Regional Training Center (RTC) class to learn about the motor control techniques available from Microchip.

The On-Ramp Technical Session is comprised of a one-hour, live technical presentation and motor control demonstration. The presentation will include a broad introduction to Microchip’s entire motor control portfolio, followed by short in-depth technical sessions catering to a customer’s specific motor control interests (e.g., brush, stepper, BLDC or ACIM). These technical sessions are available throughout North America and can be requested free of charge at

The Microchip RTC classes cover two different topics on motor control innovation. These two-day technical sessions are available in multiple locations throughout North America beginning December 8, 2010. Engineers are invited to attend both the “Overview of Intelligent Motor Control” and the hands-on “BLDC Control Techniques” classes to gain a greater understanding of motor types, ways to modify control algorithms and motor interface design. Registration is open now at

“As technology continues to evolve, we’ve seen a definitive rise in the demand for, and complexity of, motor control technology,” said Phil Sansone, senior vice-president Avnet Memec Americas. “By teaming up with Microchip, Avnet gives our customers the opportunity to learn theory and application techniques for motor control – making it easier to implement into even the most complex designs.”

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