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Avnet Services EMEA & Network 2 Supplies Manage Risk from IT Asset Disposal

BRACKNELL, UK — Avnet Services EMEA, a leader in global IT solutions distribution and an operating group of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), has today announced a strategic partnership with N2S to deploy its UNITY Estate Management solution. The agreement further develops N2S’ environmentally friendly supply chain, which aims to move the channel from its current “Take, make and dispose” model to a “Take, make, use and remake” approach.

Avnet’s UNITY solution helps organisations mitigate against financial risk by pinpointing end of life IT assets for disposal. The partnership promotes a circular economy, actively seeking to reuse the equipment it decommissions on behalf of customers, rather than simply disposing of it. This ensures businesses adhere to the latest WEEE directives set out by the Environment Agency, thus avoiding regulatory fines.

Christian Magirus, Vice President Avnet Services EMEA commented, “As a result of recent legislation, CEOs are beginning to scrutinise the way they dispose of IT assets. They’re starting to look at putting in place tighter controls to promote industry best practice and minimise financial risk. Our partnership addresses this and, more importantly, opens the doors to a greener future for the channel.”

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