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Avnet Supports Launch of New “Podcast: Not Impossible” Series

What happens when boundless thinking collides with technology to create life-changing innovations? These are the stories Mick Ebeling, founder of Not Impossible Labs, the award-winning R&D lab and content company, will explore in the new podcast series Podcast: Not Impossible.  

Throughout the 10-episode season, Ebeling and guests explore true stories of the impossible made “not impossible,” like technology that allows amputees to “feel” via advancements in prosthetic limbs and an “eyewriter” that enables paralyzed artists to paint again.

“We’ve assembled an army of guests that hold claim to awe-inspiring accomplishments. These people don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, and humanity has benefitted from their radical commitment to upending the status quo,” said Mick Ebeling, host of Podcast: Not Impossible. “We want to move listeners to challenge their own ideas and conventions of success and to reconsider ways they can make an impact, whether in their own lives, or at the scale of humanity.”

New episodes of Podcast: Not Impossible will be released each Tuesday, through July 17. The first three premiere episodes are now live, exploring the following topics:

  • Episode 1 – See with Your Tongue

Eric Weihenmayer is an acclaimed athlete, adventurer, author – and the first blind person to scale Mount Everest. Now, he’s participating in research that breaks new boundaries. Through a device called the BrainPort, he’s able to “see” – with his tongue. Weihenmayer explains how the BrainPort works and what it means to his ability to experience the world around him in incredible and sometimes unexpected ways.

  • Episode 2 – Blood from the Sky

Keenan was a successful entrepreneur, who sought a greater challenge. He found it when he realized that a major cause of death among young Rwandan mothers – post-partum hemorrhaging – was preventable, if blood could be quickly delivered across the country’s impassable mountain roads. His solution – the world’s first successful drone-powered blood delivery program – is already saving lives, and could revolutionize medical-supply delivery across the world.

  • Episode 3 – The Eyewriter

When producer Mick Ebeling met a paralyzed graffiti artist named Tempt, he made a promise that Tempt would one day paint again – and then wondered how he’d keep the promise. The results of the challenge reside in museums on both coasts – and the philosophy behind them launched Not Impossible Labs.

Podcast: Not Impossible is co-produced by Philip Lerman and Mick Ebeling, and is made possible by Avnet, a leading global technology company with a commitment to helping businesses around the world maximize technology’s potential and bring new products to market through an integrated end-to-end ecosystem. 

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