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Avnet & TI to Host Wireless Connectivity Workshops

PHOENIX, Ariz. — Starting July 28, 2011, Avnet Electronics Marketing, an operating group of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), and Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) will be demonstrating wireless connectivity capabilities with the assistance of TI’s eZ430-Chronos wireless watch development kit. This latest series of SpeedWay Design Workshops™ are being held in nearly 40 cities throughout North America. To register, visit:

These one-day SpeedWays include overviews and trends of various technologies used for wireless connectivity such as Wi-Fi™, Bluetooth™, ZigBee and others. Based on TI’s CC430 integrated system-on-chip, the eZ430-Chronos is a complete wireless development system, uniquely packaged as a wearable sports watch. The hands-on labs and training material will be presented by Avnet’s factory trained applications engineers.

“We’re very excited about Avnet’s SpeedWay workshop because it gives users hands-on experience with one of the most innovative development kits, the eZ430-Chronos,” said Adrian Valenzuela, product marketing engineer for TI’s MSP platform. “We’ve seen a broad range of applications develop, from the practical personal fitness applications well-suited for a sports watch, to hobbyist projects controlling wireless robots, and the SpeedWay series will enable an even broader user base to get started easily.”

“Our workshops help hardware and software engineers who are unfamiliar with wireless design to understand the terminology and design considerations for adding wireless connectivity to their products,” said Joe Tillison, technology director, Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas. “The cleverly designed Chronos development kit is a novel and easy-to-use platform for demonstrating basic wireless communication using a narrowband 915 MHz network, and it facilitates some unique wireless applications like exercise monitors, slide presentation controllers, or even a motion-based remote control car controller using the onboard 3-axis accelerometer. Working together with TI, we’ve created an effective, fun and practical introductory wireless training that will make the most of an engineer’s limited time.”

Cost to Attend
These seminars cost $25.00 to attend. Each attendee will receive a TI eZ430-Chronos wireless watch development kit to keep, valued at $49. To view upcoming dates and cities for this SpeedWay Design Workshop, visit

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