Brazil’s Path to Hardware Manufacturing at Home

SAO PAULO — Brazil's policies on imported goods are hurting the country's economy. But engineers can do something about it.

That was the message delivered by Jon “Maddog” Hall, president of Linux International, in his keynote at the opening day of the Embedded Systems Conference in Sao Paulo.

“There are many reasons that more companies don't design and manufacture products here in Brazil,” Hall said. “They don't trust the market size, and they are concerned about the cost of a manufacturing startup.” It comes down to “cost, time, and uncertainty.”

For the full story, see EBN sister site EE Times.

— Karen Field is the Director of Content for EE Times and EE Live .

2 comments on “Brazil’s Path to Hardware Manufacturing at Home

  1. prabhakar_deosthali
    August 31, 2014

    Whether this particular policy decision of Brazil govt is correct or not , I do not know. But the attempts by the developing contries to become self reliant in technology development, manufacturing , R & D should be encouraged by the developed nations by providing active partipation , knowhow transfer and helping to set up manufacturing bases.

    This will overall benefit the world economy

  2. Ariella
    September 1, 2014

    If the national competitive advantage and zero-barrier trade theory was correct, then the US should be in a strong rather than a precarious economic state by now, considering how many barriers have been lowered (enough to allow most of the manufacturing jobs to leave the US).”

    @Rich and the same holds true for Canada, according to Nigel Southway who says that it, like the US, lost the plot in pursuing global supply chains.

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