BT’s New Tool Measures Supply Chain Sustainability

British Telecom (BT) British Telecom is rolling out a new tool for its suppliers that will help them measure their own practices against the most sustainable operated companies in the world.

BT Technician installing the new 'gfast' ultrafast broadband equipment in Huntingdon. (Source: BT)

BT Technician installing the new ‘gfast’ ultrafast broadband equipment in Huntingdon. (Source: BT)

Focusing on innovation in circular economy areas has been a key decision for BT since 2002, when the British telecommunications company introduced the Better Future Supply Forum, as part of the effort to tackle sustainability issues such as resource scarcity, carbon reduction, and much more.

Now, BT has announced a new initiative with Sagemcom to test and ultimately roll out the BT Better Future Supplier Forum's Sustainability Assessor tool.

The Better Supplier Future Forum is focused on driving innovation in sustainable business practices. This latest initiative is a seven-step process that asks the supplier a series of simple questions concerning the company's existing sustainability measures. The answers are then assessed and a comparison made with previously identified best practice case studies.

Sagemcom, a French high-tech group, is one of Europe's most successful manufacturers of set top boxes and residential gateways. BT uses several models of Sagemcom FTTH (fiber) and DOCSIS (cable) for their House Hub family of residential broadband services.

Recently, Sagemcom showcased at CES its new generation range of multi-gigabit media gateways, 4K video gateways and 4K set-top boxes, able to deliver 10Gbps WAN over fiber networks.

“This will be an important final stage in the Assessor's development, and Sagemcom is pleased to collaborate with BT to ensure that the finished tool is as accurate and effective as possible,” said Florian Tremblay, sustainable development expert at Sagemcom. “Following the successful completion of this phase, the Sustainability Assessor will be rolled out to Sagemcom's supply chain at large. Through this action, Sagemcom will make an important step towards achieving its objective of implementing sustainability at all stages of its global supply chain”.

The Better Supplier Future Forum is part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation circular economy initiative.  Dame Ellen MacArthur started the foundation after stepping out from sailing in 2009, following four years traveling the world and researching the challenges facing our current global economy.

BT Retail's CEO Gavin Patterson, when presenting the company’s Better Future Supply Forum said “The concept of the circular economy tallies completely with our thinking at BT about the importance of providing goods and services sustainably. As a company, we feel intimately involved with these ideas, because digital technology will play a crucial role in providing the information needed to create iterative logistics and restorative systems.”

The Sustainability Assessor also provides recommendations on how the supplier can improve its business practices and gain competitive advantage over its industry rivals through an improved reputation as a good corporate citizen.

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