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Bug Labs Enters Distribution Agreement With Arrow

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Bug Labs, an open source hardware and software provider today announced an exclusive agreement with Arrow Electronics, Inc., a leading provider of electronic components and technology solutions.

Under the agreement, Arrow customers now have access to Bug Labs’ entire product line of device innovation solutions. The Bug System 2.0 removes many of the traditional barriers faced by companies who want to develop and bring to market innovative networked devices. The Bug System consists of the BUGbase 2.0, a powerful, palm-sized Linux or Android computer and an array of hardware modules, offering video, display, camera, GPS, USB and sensor capabilities. Also available to customers is the BUGstinger developer tool and a variety of customized software, service and support options. Using Bug Labs’ modular, integrated hardware platform approach, companies can build complete, FCC-certified wireless electronic prototypes in hours.

“Bug Labs is a strategic addition to our portfolio of M2M solutions and services,” said David West, vice president of supplier marketing and asset for Arrow Electronics. “With Bug Labs’ open hardware platform, our customers can realize the benefits of M2M device creation including faster, more informed decision-making capabilities and the development of new revenue streams, in a fraction of the time and cost. Bug Labs helps companies in the automotive, health care, home automation and energy industries to solve challenges facing their businesses and customers.”

Bug Labs has been instrumental in progressing hardware innovation in specialized markets, including telecommunications, telematics, government and others as the demand for new wireless devices continues to see explosive growth.

“We introduced the Bug System 2.0 last year and, since then, we have been helping companies bring new ideas to market. With our newly formed Arrow agreement, we are looking forward to extending the reach of our products and services to enterprises globally,” said Maurizio Arienzo, vice president of business development, Bug Labs. “The Bug System allows enterprises to quickly build and start extracting value from wireless systems. As a result, even large companies can create new and ground-breaking M2M devices to help solidify their reputation as innovators.”

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