Building a Culture of Innovation

If you've followed us for the past couple of years on Drive for Innovation, this infographic should come as no surprise. A lot of what we've covered, the interviews we've done, and the insights we've heard from the road tell us how to build a culture from innovation. But I have to say that this infographic is a handy reminder, so I'd suggest printing it out and sticking it up on your cube wall.

Editor's note: This article was originally published on EBN's sister publication Drive for Innovation.

1 comment on “Building a Culture of Innovation

  1. Anand
    December 27, 2013

    The community of Innovation can only be built if companies take care of R&D proffessionals, as well as junior engineers and other technicians in a company, and manage them to progress towards an innovative way to work. First of all improving the workplace and its work ethics can be a good step towards innovation. Most companies only take 2 to 3% of their annual profits and use them for R&D, this percentage has to increase for more people to invest in innovation. 

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