Can Technology Make Us Happy?

Happiness is a warm puppy, according to the wisdom of cartoonist Charles Shultz. Talk to technologists, though, and you may here that the latest cell phone or tablet is the best way to forge a path to joy.

Happify, an online site that offers science-based activities and games aimed at increasing satisfaction and health, took a deep dive into the question of how people find happiness in the digital age.

In short, technology can be used for good, or bad, purposes. Whether it's online communities, or quick information, there's a lot online that can make people smile. 

At the same time, cyber-bullying is emerging as a problem and online addictions are a reality. And the jury is still out about whether connectivity hurts or hinders or productivity.

Take a look at the infographic below and let us know whether the digital world is one that makes you happy.

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