Canadian company collaborates with Corning to improve screen protection

Phantom Glass, a small and relatively new company based in Toronto, is getting its screen protection technology out into the global supply chain, and now counts glass technology leader Corning Incorporated as a partner.

Earlier this month, Phantom announced it will fuse its patent pending, proprietary technology with aluminum silicate-based Accessory Glass 2 by Corning to produce screen protectors for smartphones, tablets and digital cameras.

Phantom’s existing products are engineered to include a silicone nano-adhesion layer, which allows for easy installation and fills most existing minor surface scratches. The product is also treated with a specialized oleophobic nano-coating to ensure that fingerprints and residues wipe off with ease, while still maintaining 100% clarity.

In a telephone interview, company founder Richard Waters told EBN that a key factor in its success is that it’s not simply importing product from another country such as China and reselling it. Instead, it has developed its own Innovative manufacturing techniques, unique design and high quality components, which is why it caught the attention of Corning.

Phantom Glass with Accessory Glass 2 by Corning will be available in fall 2016, he said, and is designed specifically for screen protector application and is strengthened through an ion-exchange process.  In comparison to standard soda-lime glass, it provides improved scratch resistance – as much as five times improvement in the force required to cause deep strength-degrading scratches, often accompanied by chipping. It also helps reduce breakage for drop events on various everyday indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Waters said Phantom Glass has been in business for about three years now, and doings its own manufacturing is what makes it different than typical screen protection solutions available today. It enables the company to offer a range of products and innovate based on customer demand. “We’re not importing a container and trying to sell as much as possible,” he said. “If we were at the mercy of a factory in China, we wouldn't be able to have innovative partnerships.”

The Corning partnership has been in the works for a while, said Waters, and will bring Phantom Glass’s technology to a broad array of OEM devices. “Corning really is the household name for glass for mobile devices.”

He said he has kept Phantom Glass purposefully small even while still being able to make product available worldwide. “Being small is actually better.” The company leverages influencers to get its brand messaging out rather than purchase advertising and has leverage Amazon as its fulfillment partner, which easily integrates with its own systems. “We can ship through Amazon without the sale going through Amazon.”

Phantom Glass has managed to shorten its product lead time four to six weeks down to two by managing how orders and placed and ships, Waters said, but you had asked three years ago about the supply chain, he’d have no idea. “We learned as we went along.”

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