Collaboration in Logistics: From Blockchain to the Physical Internet

This year’s Logistics Meets Innovation 2017 Conference, held last month in Brussels, ficysed on collaboration in logistics, and the exploration and discussion of emerging technologies in the transportation and logistics supply chain industry. The result was broad agreement about trends and promising strategies for leveraging technology to optimize the supply chain. 

The complexity of today’s supply chain, changes in business models, adoption of new technologies, and shifting demands in customer expectations call for a need to get goods faster than ever, in a more efficient and flexible manner, and at little or no delivery cost. Collaboration is one of the ways transportation and logistics professionals can deal with all this improving their overall operational efficiency. 

The conference pointed to topics ranging from the idea of the physical internet for logistics, the importance of data, and analytics for collaboration, and what potential value blockchain technology can bring to the transportation and logistics industry.

The conference offered scary moments as well. One presentation about technology in science fiction movies such as Minority Report and Terminator, made it clear that these imaginings are approaching reality in 2017. Consider cinematic offerings that features killer drones that can blow up the target’s face, and police who can predict a possible crime before it occurs. But what if they are wrong? 

If you weren’t able to make the event, click on the image below to start a slideshow of the conference. Then let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Logistics Meets Innovation 2017 Conference

All photos courtesy of the author.

All photos courtesy of the author.


The annual Logistics Meets Innovation Conference is organized by Transmetrics and Ahlers in partnership with Vlerick Business School, KoganPage, the European Logistics Association, Inkoop Logistiek Netwerk, and the Benelux Roundtable.

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