Consumers Ready to Support Made in America Moniker

Although American made products were once a staple of the electronics industry, in the more recent past China and other locations pulled ahead. In fact, off-shoring production was a major trend for a long time.

In fact, almost half of all kitchen appliances are made in China, according to Statistic Brain. A similar percentage of all toys are made in China. China also exports $344.8 billion in machinery including computers, according to an estimate from World’s Top Exports. By comparison, the United States exports $190.5 billion in machinery and computers.

Recently, some large electronics OEMs have been looking at bringing at least some manufacturing back. Rumors abound about the possibility of Apple moving part of its production back to the United States. That may be news that makes consumers happy. These buyers put stock in domestically made products, and may be ready to put their money where their mouths are, a new survey from ReportLinker found. 

Although a “Made in America” label may be most common in clothing and other soft goods, this trend may eventually reach into hardware and technology as well. The ReportLinker survey looked at several questions:

  • Do American consumers care about the manufacturing origin of a product?
  • Would they pay more for a “Made in USA” item?
  • Do they prefer to buy “Made in USA” products even if it means automating labor and cutting jobs? 

Three out of four American’s said that they consider the origin of the products they buy. More than half assert that they are willing to pay more for a domestic manufacturing. Most (72%) don’t think automation is a threat.

Click on the image below to start a slideshow illustrating some of the key results.

Do you think high-tech and electronics manufacturing will come back to United States in a significant way? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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