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Creative Electron CEO, Dr. Bill Cardoso to Speak at SMTA Pan Pacific

The Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium promotes international technical interchange and provides a forum for networking among microelectronics professionals and business leaders throughout the world. It is unique in the SMTA calendar. The ‘Pan Pac’ technical committee has finalized the program for the 2019 Symposium. In addition to several inspiring keynotes, this year’s program features ground-breaking research from global experts on Processing Technologies, Advanced Process, Advanced Design, Cleaning, Harsh Environments Requirements, Materials Technology, Trends in Advanced Packaging & Interconnects, X-Ray, Inspection, and more. 
Bill’s presentation, entitled ‘How AI is Changing the Way We Make Things’ will be the first on Thursday morning at 8:30 am. He will explain how AI is finding its way into every part of our lives, including how we manufacture the products we use every day. Creative Electron is already successfully incorporating AI into many of their market leading x-ray inspection solutions and has been blazing the trail for AI in parts counting and counterfeit detection. 
Bill will explain why inspection data is rapidly becoming the currency of the smart factory and how AI will allow that data to be harvested, managed, converted to intelligence and insight, and used to make better decisions and improve manufacturing performance. Talking about connectivity and AI, Dr. Bill Cardoso said, “It’s an exciting time to be in manufacturing, 2019 is the year that machines finally start talking to each other and sharing meaningful data and insight. AI will be the tool of choice to manipulate that big data and derive meaning and process improvements from it.”
You can learn more about the SMTA Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium at, and more about Creative Electron at

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