Cutting Recalls with Big Data

The value of product data grows when it’s captured across the product’s life, from early design through manufacturing and onto its life with the end user. Along the way, outside data can be gathered from suppliers and distributors. The goal is to capture enough data to identify and correct problems at the earliest possible moment.

Big Data Flow

This diagram shows the pathways of the data collected on a product.

This diagram shows the pathways of the data collected on a product.

The ability to capture and manipulate data is changing the way products are designed, manufactured, and maintained when it’s with the customer. “Big data offers insight into the true product performance, from the time it’s designed, through manufacturing, out into distribution, and into the hands of the consumer,” Bill Boswell, senior director for cloud services at Siemens PLM, told Design News . “Complexity just gets deeper and deeper. You have suppliers, maybe contract manufacturers, your suppliers have suppliers, and then the product gets shipped out to stores and to millions of consumers.

Big data prompts new questions: How do you get a big picture view of the product across the whole lifecycle? How does quality affect the development of the product and its use by customers? “PLM doesn’t stop at the loading dock door,” said Boswell. “We need to know what’s happening with the product in the field.”

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