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Deal Expands CEI Customer Base

ONEONTA, N.Y. — Custom Electronics, Inc. (CEI), a leading designer and manufacturer of high-reliability electronics products, today announced it has purchased the KVX mica capacitor product line of Cornell Dubilier Marketing, a manufacturer of capacitors for the power electronics market. The acquisition will expand CEI's customer base and help the company capture a wider range of opportunities in the military, commercial and industrial markets, where demand for mica capacitors remains strong.

“Cornell Dubilier's product line is a natural fit with CEI's made-to-order mica paper capacitors,” said Michael Pentaris, CEO of Custom Electronics, Inc. “We bring a military standard to the assembly of these components, which are used in a variety of high temperature and high voltage applications. By incorporating Cornell Dubilier's capacitors into our product line, CEI will continue to fulfill the market demand for capacitors that meet the most stringent electrical, environmental and physical requirements.”

Cornell Dubilier's KVX mica capacitors span temperatures from -65 degrees Celsius to +260 degrees Celsius and are used in applications such as oil well logging, pulse forming networks (PFN), traveling wave tube (TWT), radar, aerospace engine ignition systems, welding equipment and power supply systems. As part of the deal, CEI will assume support for all Cornell Dubilier KVX mica capacitor customers.

“We saw this opportunity as one that would benefit not only both companies, but our customers, as well,” said Jim Kaplan, president of Cornell Dubilier. “CEI has a long, successful history of achieving the highest standards of product quality and customer service for clients in military, commercial and industrial, renewable energy, aerospace and oil exploration markets. We trust that CEI will put the same level of service and expertise to work for our mica capacitor customers that they do for their own.”

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