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Well, it's a funny old world when it comes to coincidences, isn’t it? For example, I just received an email from my Chum Adam Carlson (a.k.a. Aeroengineer) saying that he hopes to have some interesting news to report on his Desktop Pick-&-Place (P&P) machine in the not-so-distant future (see Unknown Document 1322807 ).

Since Adam had mentioned his P&P machine project, I bounced over to his column to see what was going on comment-wise. The latest comment was from Juha Kuusama, who said:

You might be interested about my recently introduced design. It does not meet your price point, nor is it as small as you are aiming for, but it is a vision based DIY pick and place machine. You are welcome to use the ideas and software (source code is available). Especially if you take the software and join in to develop it further, I'm honoured. (Here's my main web site: And here's the story of why I built it:

Well, blow me down, because just after reading this comment I found an email message from Juha in my Inbox saying: “Please let me introduce myself: My name is Juha Kuusama, an entrepreneur and inventor. I think your readers might be interested to learn about an entry-level desktop pick-and-place machine I introduced last week.”

Juha — who is based in Finland — went on to say: “Although not very suitable for production (it does not have feeders), it is ideal for prototype assembly. The machine uses vision in calibration and operation. This is aimed for prototype builders, hobbyists, developers, and development groups. The machine breaks new ground in availability of P&P machines — the DIY kit is priced at only $1349!”

To read the rest of this article, visit EBN sister site EETimes.

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