Digging in to Why Supply Chain IT Projects Fail

Increasingly, electronics OEMs, component makers, distributors, and other players in the electronics supply chain are recognizing the critical role that information technology can play in supply chain success. Unfortunately, getting from the ideal technology to real implementation can prove challenging, a new survey of global CIOs finds.

“The failure rate of technology initiatives continues to intensify, often thwarted by a lack of user adoption rather than on the merits of the technology,” said Brian Anderson, chief marketing officer of POPin in a written statement. “C-level executives need to address the growing problem of employee engagement as a core component to ensure the success of technology initiatives.

The researchers found that most company executives trace technology adoption failure to lack of employee buy-in, the survey, which was sponsored POPin said. In fact, more than half said that initiatives fail most typically due to slow or reluctant adoption from end users. Nearly eight out of ten reported that employees took a long time to learn how to use technology. Worse, most (82%) felt that employees did not understand the logic or strategy behind technology initiatives—another element that hamstrings employee enthusiasm.

Other common challenges included budget concerns and lack of support from management. In addition, companies generally are lacking resources needed to allow management to collect and act upon employee feedback on what types of tools are needed, the survey found. Less than 8% blamed inadequate technology.

Take a look at the infographic below and then let us know your experience with implementing IT in the supply chain. What strategies worked? What were the biggest headaches for your organization? Let us know in the comments section below.

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