Digital Marketing for the Supply Chain & Logistics Industries

Today’s business-to-business (B2B) buyers are researching, evaluating, and coming to conclusions about companies without a single contact with a team member or salesperson.

This kind of B2B buying landscape requires cutting-edge marketing strategies to showcase nuts-and-bolts industries that have survived without them for many years. Digital marketing has become necessary to position your company to be not only to be found online, but to be researched, to be compared, and to be concluded upon.

Digital marketing for the supply chain

Digital marketing for the supply chain uses your website, related social media, and other online industry channels to showcase your industry knowledge and experience (rather than trying to convince people of it with a marketing message).

With inbound digital marketing, you publish relevant, informative information to adds value to every stage of a potential customer’s buying journey.

It is the content that you publish that walks them through the initial stages of the sales process.

What should you publish? A good content marketing strategy is about understanding the questions and concerns that are particular to your customer base, and offering quality information and analysis that answers those needs.

Showcasing thought leadership through digital marketing

Discovering and meeting the needs of your customers that go beyond your products and services will catapult you in their minds as a knowledgeable, helpful “thought leader” in your industry.

Thought leaders are the informed trusted sources in their field of expertise. They have innovative ideas, can showcase their thinking, and can replicate their successes again and again.

Consider it: Your business has so much more to offer than its primary product or service. You have a team of people with a tremendous aggregate of experience, expertise, and perspectives.

Allowing your customers this sort of access to your team’s experience and knowledge provides them with tremendous value outside the sales funnel, which builds trust and cultivates lasting, fruitful relationships.

Why digital marketing?

In this B2B buying landscape, supply chain and logistics industries need content marketing to achieve a level of confidence and relationship-building with buyers that used to come from face-to-face meetings. Potential and current customers will view your company as a valuable resource for everything related to not only your products and services but to the industry as a whole.

No time to execute?

The downside? Content marketing requires significant time, labor, and resources, and it can take quite some time to start reaping benefits. Feeling overwhelmed and like you and your team can’t possibly add on more marketing? Outsourcing certain key marketing tasks allows insourcing your core competencies while delegating specialized tasks to external experts.

3 comments on “Digital Marketing for the Supply Chain & Logistics Industries

  1. michaelmaloney
    January 25, 2019

    An increasing number of businesses today are gradually seeping into a fully digitalized method of running their operations. Though the process could take a while to be fully implemented, it is rather necessary to stay on par with technological advances. Without progress in this sector, it could mean not having enough resources to meet current demand.

  2. MelBrandle
    January 28, 2019

    In the good old days, it would have impossible to suss out a potential client unless you had contacts. Thank God for these storage databases worth a million to sales departments nowadays huh?

  3. ThatGuyWithHat
    March 26, 2019

    The future came to us very quickly.  I wonder what place in the marketing will take cryptocurrency?  Personally, I learned about cryptocurrency from here and it seems to me that bitcoin is very promising.

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