Does Your Company Motivate You?

A lot of companies have downsized their organizations during the current challenging economic times. This means that individuals who are fortunate enough to still have a job are taking on the workload of those who have left the company. Or they are facing reduced budgets that hamper efforts.

While it's great to have a job, it becomes overwhelmingly difficult to stay focused on your job and doing more in the same period of time. In many cases, it's also difficult to stay motivated because of the increased workload.

There are hundreds of ways to help motivate people. For example: awards, recognition, and a manager just saying thank you verbally or with a note are vital. A half day or a few hours off or a holiday gift card can also work wonders.

My favorite ways for companies to keep employees motivated is by acknowledging individual or group contributions for the benefit of the organization and by working in the community. In one case, I just finished the 12th year of judging the Avnet Marketing and Communications Awards (MAC Awards).

Marketing and communications professionals from around the world and in all our division competed to see who would win the top award in 30 categories such as ads, public relations, social media, and trade shows. Our employees are not only motivated to develop the best marketing or communications campaigns, but they also learn from each other. Every year, the quality of the submitted work gets better and better.

Another example at {complink 577|Avnet Inc.} is our expanded individual and group efforts in the communities we serve. Our “Dollars for Doers” program is a great way Avnet will donate funds directly to a 501c3 charity in support of our folks who work on their board or can prove X number of hours in support of their charity of choice.

The point is that companies that reward and acknowledge individuals and work groups for their achievements help their employees stay motivated. In addition, the sharing of ideas and best-practices will produce better results for the company.

Doing positive things for organizations that need help are a win, win, win for the charity, employees, and our brand. What are you or your company doing to keep employees motivated?

8 comments on “Does Your Company Motivate You?

  1. Jay_Bond
    November 30, 2011

    Even in these tough economic times, the company I work for still takes care of its employees and recognizes that without them, they wouldn't be in business. The company continues to give merit raises and cash awards for accomplishments. Managers are quick to give praise for a job well done.

    In these times it's very easy for companies to forget about their employees and focus on the bottom line, thankfully my company still cares about the employees.

  2. saranyatil
    November 30, 2011

    I am very happy to leave a comment for this blog because i am just back from a retreat to Egypt organized by my company to destress our minds and to think better for the next couple of months.

    They follow different practices like outstanding person amoung the whole company, next moment of fame.

    More than any reward or money company gives us complete freedom to do what we like to and also we are encouraged to take up job rotation with different sub companies and also different departments.

  3. Anne
    November 30, 2011

    I agree with you that these days, employees are taking on more responsibility and working harder than ever due to economy.  There are many ways as incentives at low cost at this time of economy to recognize employees accomplishments.  For instance, my company do give mostly a set of movie tickets to employees that performed beyond target in a month or give a gift card. These are at low cost.

  4. Ms. Daisy
    November 30, 2011

    I am also one of the fortunate ones that have a company that puts the needs of the workforce into consideration. All the positive supports that you mentioned are provided and staff are given opportunites to voice their opinion on how the company is doing both within and in relation to service provision to customers.

    Its not only monetary compensations that the staff yearn for. The key concern for the staff is maintaining a work evironment that has minimal stress. This has been achieved through proactive planning and staff input into planning and implementation of processes within the company that affect the staff. Overall, my company is a great place to work with room for growth.

  5. Himanshugupta
    November 30, 2011

    The rewards and recognition are the first thing that company think of to motivate employees. I am sure that every company have these rewards in place. But most importantly motivation comes from the realization that your company value you and your work. Those companies who have philosophy of hiring and firing with the economic conditions may not motivate their employees that much. 

    My company is one company which pay less but there are enough opportunities to get extra cash and rewards through innovation and that keeps me motivated.

  6. Barbara Jorgensen
    November 30, 2011

    It's great to see a message thread like this–it sounds like there are a lot of companies out there that are great to work for. Hats off to them all and for reminding folks such as myself what's really important.

  7. electronics862
    November 30, 2011

    Recogniition is one important factor for employes to maintain their enthusiastic levels in line. They will feel excited for getting recognition which is helpful for company finally it finishing projects on time. As you mentioned single thanks will be enough to recognize the employee work.

    December 1, 2011

    I enjoyed reading your article and it sounds like your company is a good company to work for.  It is tough these days to keep employees motivated when the news is continualy filled with doom and gloom.  Our company tries to build team spirit by celebrating new product launches, employee personal achievement (in and out of work) and birthdays/births/marriages etc.  We all go out for lunch or send flowers etc.

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