Driving Toward Connected Cars

Car customers increasingly want connectivity in vehicles. That desire is driving change in the auto industry.

A report published on Tuesday, Sep. 15, by global consultancy McKinsey, “Competing for the Connected Customer: Perspectives on the Opportunities Created by Car Connectivity and Automation,” finds that 37% of car customers in the China, Germany, and the US would switch to a car made by a different manufacturer if that were the only way to have full access to their applications, data, and media.

That number, based on a survey of 3,184 recent car customers in Germany (1,123), the US (1,051), and China (1,010), is up from 20% a year ago.

In a phone interview, Hans-Werner Kaas, senior partner and head of the McKinsey automotive and assembly practice, said that the study shows the availability of connectivity-enabled devices has become more important for consumers when making vehicle decisions.

“The consumer is clearly prioritizing these types of features,” he said.

Source: McKinsey

Source: McKinsey

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