E-Commerce Gets Beyond Brown Boxes

Traditional retailers have long known that as important as a product is, how it’s packaged is equally important, at least when a product is sitting on the shelf. Now, however, with e-commerce becoming a regular part of the retail landscape, e-tailers are starting to ask themselves about the role of packaging in on-line sales. What’s equivalent to “shelf-appeal” in an on-line sale?

It’s a new era for packaging. What makes a product sitting in a warehouse attractive to buyers is decidedly different from what lures customer to pick up a product in the store. For a long time, electronics OEMs have thought about “out of the box experience.”  Ideally, the first use of a product delivers on user’s expectations (of immediately being able to use the product, for example) and the goals of the brand (we are a forward thinking company). Smart phone makers like Apple and Samsung, have set the standard in the electronics industry. Some of the key elements that make for a good first use experience  include:

  • A product that is pre-charged and ready to use.
  • Intuitive setup that doesn’t require poring over a product manual.
  • A good look at the product when you open the box (and everything else, like manual and accessories, readily available behind it)

Now, however, the equation is getting even more complex. In addition to that first use experience, users report that they care about a myriad of other elements including the condition of the external packaging upon arrival, the sustainability or “greenness” of the packaging, shipping costs, and ease of opening. The infographic below illustrates the results of a survey from Jabil. It outlines some of the ways that electronics OEMs and brands need to rethink and evolve packaging solutions to address these new concerns.

Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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