E-Commerce Integration Cloud Platform Focuses on Seamless Ecosystems

Today, software vendor Cleo released the latest iteration of its Cleo Integration Cloud platform which aims to help organizations optimize supply chain processes including order-to-cash and procure-to-pay, across internal and external ecosystems of applications, systems, marketplaces, and trading partners. 

“Ecosystem integration is the next frontier in how organizations with a supply chain should be thinking,” said Cleo’s chief marketing officer, Tushar Patel. “By leveraging and connecting internal and external components of ecosystem, you can optimize an end-to-end business processes. It provides agility, not just to do well in a market but, in a sustainable way, to stay ahead of the market.”


Cleo Integration Cloud focuses on supporting the task of e-commerce end to end, across both internal stakeholders and trading partners, with reliable, accurate, and timely data.  “New capabilities bring additional visibility through real-time operational insights and ‘smart’ integration functionality to help businesses accelerate creating their business-critical workflows to rapidly meet customer expectations,” the company said.  

“Cleo offers pre-built core business processes like order-to-cash and others, thus giving its customers a straightforward approach to optimizing their core process while solving both B2B and internal integration problems,” said Jason Bloomberg, president of Intellyx, an industry analyst firm. 

New features include Smart Integrations, prebuilt or templatized workflows to rapidly onboard applications through the automation of multi-enterprise integration components. Further, users can be assigned personas that presents content appropriate to a particular role, such as executive, line of business manager, integration specialist, or customer, partner, or supplier. This allows those with a certain role or focus to get the information they need without creating custom reports or gathering information from a variety of systems to manually consolidating it.

“Our focus on user experience for internal and external personas enables Cleo customers to deliver unified commerce in ways that create value throughout their ecosystem,” said Cleo CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan. “They’re effectively able to rise up and meet the challenges and opportunities that the Amazon effect has created for every industry, and they’re providing experiences that not only meet but exceed the expectations of all their key integration process stakeholders.”  

The platform has also been enhanced with a variety of application connectors, including WooCommerce, SAP S/4 Hana Cloud, and others, to accelerate time to value. Connectors allow organizations to use off the shelf e-commerce, payments, finance, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions easily across the enterprise.

“As organizations are transforming their systems, they are starting to utilize not just flat file and EDI methods with suppliers but also APIs as way to integrate with more modern systems and processes,” said Patel. “It’s not just the four walls of the enterprise anymore.”

Pricing for the platform is based on a monthly subscription plus charges based on the number of transactions. 

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