EBN’s 2015 Top 10 Electronics Industry Slideshows

During 2015, EBN took a close look at the best innovations in products, technologies, and supply chain processes around. As we turn the page to begin 2016, let's a look back at the slideshows that brought these trends alive in pictures. 

Electronics OEMs touch every part of the world, from the gadgets that make life easier to the technology that puts us in space. We know that Kickstarter is one of the key incubators of the best new technology—and these slideshows prove it.    

1.  10 Kickstarter Projects that Prove Hardware Innovation Isn’t Dead 

The death of electronics hardware has been highly overblown, if these Kickstarter projects indicate anything. Electronics designers and innovators continue to create new hardware-based electronics–and consumers are wildly enthusiastic.

2.  Top 10 Cool Little Gadgets that Got a Kickstarter Push 
Everyone loves an electronic gadget, especially one that solves a real problem in daily life. Take a look at what end users supported with their dollars on the Kickstarter crowdsourcing platform.

3.  Top 10 3D Printing Projects on Kickstarter 

No one argues that 3D printing is poised to change the electronics industry and its supply chain. The popularity of these projects on Kickstarter are just one measure of just how hot the market is.

4.  10 Wearables That Want to Change the World 

Unicef, ARM and frog teamed up to ask electronics designers worldwide to think creatively about how wearable technology could change the way people solve some of the world's biggest problems.

5.  10 Kickstarter Projects that Promote Space Exploration  

Space, the final frontier, seems to evoke creativity and spark interest. These top performing Kickstarter projects provide a sample of what the best and brightest have developed and gotten funded.

6. 2014 Top 10 Robotics Projects on Kickstarter 

Take a look at the newest robots coming down the pike. These inventors are making everything from educational toys to industrial tools.

7.  10 Manufacturing and Supply Chain Trends Fueled by IoT  

The IoT revolution is stretching to touch all sorts of new areas, and the net of that is that electronics manufacturing will never be the same.

8. Top 15 Supply Chain Universities 
Whether trying to find education to further an existing supply chain career, to gather skills to make a mid-career move into supply chain, or to start on the path to getting an undergraduate supply chain degree, prospective students have a wealth of options from which to choose. Here's a look at the favorites of hiring organizations.

9. 2015 High-Tech Supply Chain Leaders by the Numbers 

Gartner's list of top supply chain leaders is rife with electronics and high technology companies and this slideshow calls them out by hame.

10. 10 Early Stage Technology Innovations Point to the Future 

Emerging technologies, including printed electronics, wearable technology, 3D printing, sensors, energy harvesting, electric vehicles and new advanced materials, are set to change the electronics market. Here's a look at 10 innovative embryonic technologies 

After you've had a chance to peruse these slideshows, let us know which were your favorites—and what you'd like to see more of in the coming year. 

— Hailey Lynne McKeefry, Editor in Chief, EBN Circle me on Google+ Follow me on Twitter Visit my LinkedIn page Friend me on Facebook

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