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ECIA Adding Manufacturer Rep Data to Site

ATLANTA — The industry-owned electronic components inventory search site is enhancing member benefits for manufacturer rep members by adding their company information to the site while increasing the depth of information the site provides users. Operated by the Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA), the popular site is in the top segment of Google searches for authorized electronics. It boasts over 135,000 visits per month and provides significant value for its members.

The site displays the inventory listings of 44 authorized distributors with more to be added. All distributors represented on the site are ECIA members and authorized channel partners with their manufacturers. The site only lists inventory that is genuine and backed by the manufacturer’s warranty and search results are displayed at random.

“We continue to evaluate and balance the needs of our members with features that will improve the site experience,” said ECIA President Robin Gray. “With the addition of our rep member information, users will have a comprehensive source to locate available-to-sell authorized products. ECIA’s members gain additional branding opportunities.”

Sponsors of the site include Allied Electronics, Arrow Electronics, Avnet, Digi-Key Corp., Future, Mouser, Newark element 14, Sager Electronics and TTI, Inc. Visit ECIA’s YouTube channel to learn more about the benefits of this unique inventory search site.

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