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ECIA Releases Updated

ATLANTA, Ga. — The Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA) announces that its Component Council has released an updated “Recommended Technical Standards for Point-of-Sale Reports” (POS) document. ECIA Councils periodically review and update guidelines and standards. The POS report addresses the industry's need for a standardized method of reporting distributor sales information to manufacturers. The POS is based on three main principles: the standardization of reporting formats, media, and data flow. In developing distributor/manufacturer agreements, the POS standard provides trading partners a checklist to determine specific data to be included in reports. The POS also outlines policy regarding proprietary information included in the reports.

Committee Chairperson Larry Bassett of Phoenix Contact Services Inc. commented, “This committee demonstrated the strength of the manufacturer and distribution relationship. During the course of our work on this standard, there was open communication which respected the positions and concerns of each member. In the end, we were able to recommend changes to the standard that improves the POS reporting process and further strengthens this relationship.” He added, “I want to thank ECIA, committee members and their organizations for their participation and support for this committee, with a special thanks to Barney Martin from ECIA for his advice and assistance.”

The update to the POS report contains the addition of the street address to all address records, Ship-to, Bill-to and Other Entity (End Customer). The addition of these fields will facilitate better matching Customer and End Customer records for the purpose of lead management, opportunity tracking, industry and solution marketing efforts, as well as, account based commission processing.

ECIA member companies receive one complimentary copy of the report. Non-member companies may purchase the report at

The Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA) is a not-for-profit trade association representing manufacturers of electronic components, their authorized distribution partners and manufacturer representatives. The association is dedicated to promoting and improving the business environment for the authorized sale of electronic components. Visit for more information.

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