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ECIA Reports Q1 CY16 Distribution Component Sales Up 2.4% Compared to Q4 CY15

Atlanta, GA . Distribution reported component sales in North America for Q1 CY 2016 up 2.4% compared to Q4 CY 2015. Sales for interconnect products were up 3.2% quarter on quarter, electromechanical sales down 2.3%, passive sales were up 6.5%, and semiconductor sales were up 2.5%. Display sales were down 7%.  Book to bill for the quarter was encouraging at 1.04. Most product lead times remained stable for the quarter. Lead time by product category can be viewed in the ECIA Knowledge Center.

Comparing Q1 CY to Q1 CY 15, total sales were down 3.0%. Sales for interconnect product were up 1.4%, electromechanical down 13.7%, passive sales were down 5.4%, and semiconductor sales were down 1.3%. Display sales were up 9.5%.

The distribution channel saw nice improvement in sales for the first quarter of 2016. The positive book to bill for the quarter was also encouraging. Add to that, US Manufacturing started the year with a rebound in output and new business growth from the lows seen during Q4 CY15.

The U.S. Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index remained in a positive growth mode for the quarter, however March saw a decline from February and April saw a decline from March at 50.8 compared to 51.5. ECIA members can view an Executive Summary of the Q1 CY16 Distribution Sales Report on the ECIA Website in the Knowledge Center section. Distributors that contribute data to the report can view the complete report.

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