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Edge Electronics to Distribute Fingerprint Cards’ Technology

BOHEMIA, N.Y. — Biometric technology is no longer reserved for government agencies and major blockbuster movies—it’s soon to be seen in banking, security systems, and possibly your mobile phone. Consisting of methods for recognizing an individual’s identity through intrinsic physical characteristics, the world of biometrics, specifically fingerprint scanning, has come to Long Island.

Based in Bohemia, NY, Edge Electronics, a woman-owned technology business that distributes electronic components and LCD solutions, has recently contracted with Sweden-based Fingerprint Cards (FPC), a developer and producer of biometric technology. Fingerprint Cards produces capacitive fingerprint sensor technology that analyzes an individual’s fingerprints to verify identity. The small physical footprint and low power requirements of capacitive sensors when compared to optical sensors make the technology a perfect fit for a variety of practical applications, including but not limited to: lock-and-key systems, internet security, portable device security, and smart cards.

Already being used by government agencies, fingerprint recognition technology is also being utilized in the private sector, mostly in the capacity of safes, laptops, banks, etc. With today’s ever-growing concerns regarding security, it won’t be long before additional pioneers, technology experts, and engineers jump on board—as global investment in biometrics continues to increase, fingerprint scanning may become the norm for future generations.

Edge Electronics is currently the U.S. distributor of fingerprint recognition technology as created in Sweden. With products in stock and ready to ship, Edge is distributing sensors, processor ASICs, biometric modules, and a range of development kits. For more information about fingerprint scanning, biometrics, or Edge Electronics, log onto

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1 comment on “Edge Electronics to Distribute Fingerprint Cards’ Technology

  1. Tim Votapka
    May 16, 2011

    It's very interesting to me to see a distributor, particularly not one of the top 10, successfully enter a new and emerging technology. The recent announcement  “Edge Electronics to Distribute Fingerprint Cards' Technology is a good example. It should be no surprise though as distributors really have been on the vanguard of emerging technology simply by virtue of their contact with entrepreneurial OEMs. I'd hazard a guess that you'd find many more who have not promoted their involvement in one industry niche or another over the past 20 years simply because they don't want to call attention to the profitable fishing grounds in which they're sailing. I can't say I blame them. At the same time, I applaud distributors like Edge that have taken the time and effort to understand these emerging markets. In many ways they have emulated one of the most successful models set up by the pioneers who sold vacuum tubes out of Brooklyn's Radio Row so many years ago.

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