EE Times/EDN 2014 Salary and Opinion Study

Overall, North American engineers are doing better salary-wise than their international peers, are satisfied with their careers, and are optimistic about the future. But concerns over the workload, job security, and the ever-constant changing landscape of the profession are causing some anxiety.

Explore the highlights of the 2014 Salary and Opinion Study in the charts and graphs that follow.

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1 comment on “EE Times/EDN 2014 Salary and Opinion Study

  1. Louie Spencer
    June 4, 2019

    I believe no one can be 100% sure in their job security, so people have to adapt to what they have or what the job can offer. And I think, if most of the respondents were young people, whey would be even more vulnerable about the situation. When you just graduated and start your career, it's hard to be sure in all of that. That's why a couple of years on my first job, I ordered all of my reports and documents from the service where I get used ordering to write my essay when I was a student. I've been afraid to make mistakes and wanted some professional help. 

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