Electrocomponents Regroups for Round 2

LONDON — Lindsley Ruth used to dread May, the month Electrocomponents PLC takes probing questions from investors. In his first couple of years as CEO, Ruth didn’t have a lot of positive news to share and difficult questions from analysts were difficult to answer.

This May was different. Electrocomponents is on a roll. Sales and profits are growing strongly and, as if trumpeting a new dawn, the company last week announced an acquisition, the first in 19 years.

At a presentation in London on May 24, analysts who had grown doubtful of Electrocomponents’ prospects following years of disappointing performance were bowled over. The mood was infectious: Chairman Peter Johnson roamed the UBS meeting room cheerily greeting investors, a happy smile dancing on his face; CFO David Egan — soft-spoken and normally taciturn — trotted out more than a few enthusiastic adjectives as he reviewed the company’s positive financial numbers.

Egan’s presentation was glazed with rosier-than-usual projections and CEO Ruth, pumped up after announcing “significant progress” and the purchase of IESA — a value-added services provider — told the audience he was looking forward to a two-week financial roadshow to meet institutional investors around the world.

Lindsley Ruth

Lindsley Ruth

“We’ve got all the five regions around the world accelerating performance and that was key as we went into the fiscal year that we just concluded,” Ruth said, in an interview. “We wanted to accelerate the performance not only in topline but also in profit. It goes all the way to the concept of growing profits faster than the topline, which is what investors want to see.”

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