Electronic Supply Chain Roundtable: Counterfeit & Conflict Materials

It is hard to overestimate the damage being caused by counterfeit parts entering the supply chain. For the consumer the problem is huge, with up to seven percent of tech being fake, according to published statistics, and with video controllers and consoles the largest culprit.

These fakes are not only bad news for the brands that make the real products and invest in developing and marketing them, they are often dangerous to the consumer with stories of devices catching fire because of thinner copper cores in cables or other equipment overheating. At a component level, it seems that shortages in the supply chain are pushing buyers towards the grey market, where risk of counterfeit can be much greater. So, what can be done and what tools are available to detect and deter counterfeiters who see this a hugely profitable market.

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, connectivity, connected factory exchange (CFX), and traceability are all terms being banded around constantly in the industry, but can they be part of the fight against counterfeit components and conflict materials? Both Michael Ford, senior director Emerging Industry Strategy for Aegis Software and Dr. Bill Cardoso, CEO of Creative Electron, seem to think so. These two renowned experts join me to talk about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in detection, traceability in mitigation, and the work IPC are doing in this area.

In this roundtable, the panel debates methods of detection, how traceability can help and what needs to be done industry wide to combat this threat.

Filmed on location in San Diego at the SCOOP studio thanks to the sponsorship of Aegis Software, Cogiscan, Creative Electron, Fuji America, KIC and Koh Young Technology.

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