Electronics Supply Chain Roundtable: More on Mexico, What’s New South of the Border?

First it was the election in the US that was threatening to disrupt the growth and success of manufacturing in Mexico, but they held firm and their steady ‘business as usual’ approach served them well. Then the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was exercising everyone’s collective anxiety. Again, the industry continued to push on and the new deal looks like working well for Mexico. Thirdly they had their own elections, and lastly, and most recently, the US trade war with China is having its own impact.

For that reason, it was top of mind when planning our IPC APEX 2019 debate schedule that we got some people together who are living and breathing the industry every day and have their fingers on the pulse of the Mexican EMS and OEM industry. The three participants that I chose come from the capital equipment sector, a part of the value chain most likely to be impacted by sentiment and by changes in the market.

Miguel Vazquez, regional sales manager Factory Solutions for Panasonic; Luis Tapia, sales manager, SMT & Electronics for Repstronics; and Gustavo Jimenez, sales manager, Mexico for Koh Young Technology join me to explore what’s driving continued growth and success in the region as well as trends in automotive manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

What’s your take on the Mexico as a location for electronics manufacturing in North America? Let us know in the comments section below.

Filmed on location in San Diego at the SCOOP studio with sponsorship of Aegis Software, Cogiscan, Creative Electron, Fuji America, KIC, and Koh Young Technology.

1 comment on “Electronics Supply Chain Roundtable: More on Mexico, What’s New South of the Border?

  1. freddywong
    February 21, 2019

    If you remember, Mexico has a spanish music heritage. Music is their second language. BTW Fender Mexico Guitars are on the 2nd place after American's and cost 2x less. So it all depends on quality of the production they will manufacture. Asia can't beat MEX quality at this time, so I think it's the right turn.

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