Electronics Supply Chain Roundtable: Robots, Cobots & SMT

Although robotics play an increasing important role in manual assembly, they have not yet arrived on to surface mount technology (SMT) line in any meaningful way. Perhaps the SMT line is as automated as it can be or perhaps collaborative robots (cobots) are more suited to roles in materials management.

In recent years, more robotic companies have entered the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and SMT space with various solution. Meanwhile, the largest equipment manufacturers already established in the sector, like ASM, Yamaha, Panasonic, Fuji and Juki are bringing their own solution or partnering with cobotics experts like ABB or Kuka. 

To get to the bottom of these trends, including the challenges faced bringing robotics to SMT, we decided to get a breadth of perspectives: from a customer, and automation vendor and one of the biggest vendors in the industry. What we go was: a contract manufacturer, Mathieu Kury, regional director of Business Development in the Americas for Asteelflash; a robotics and automation expert, Stan Earley, vice president, Engineering & Operations at Simplimatic; and Mark Ogden, marketing banager at ASM Assembly Systems.

In this debate, the panel explore the topic of robots, cobots, automation, and future of man and machine in manufacturing.

Filmed on location in San Diego at the SCOOP studio with sponsorship of Aegis Software, Cogiscan, Creative Electron, Fuji America, KIC and Koh Young Technology.

2 comments on “Electronics Supply Chain Roundtable: Robots, Cobots & SMT

  1. nathandavidson
    March 22, 2019

    In the digital age that we are currently living in, we should have expected robots to be part of our daily lives. We have anticipated working amongst them anyway from the very beginning so this is just realizing the expectations. Though not all industries have a need for them, one way or another, they would still be playing a part in increasing efficiency in our workplaces.

  2. ChristopherJames
    March 24, 2019

    We might not be there yet, but I feel that we are growing closer and closer to the time when we will have robots doing our every bidding! Muahaha! Ok, perhaps not in such a sinister manner, but scientifically, are we not on the precipice of breaking through with Artificial Intelligence and autonomous operations with the aid of such robotics? It's only a matter of time before we are truly able to refine the technology and start implementing it for everyone!

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