Electronics Supply Chain Roundtable: Smarter Materials Management

In the context of the smart factory, good materials management has the potential to increase efficiency, reduced line stoppages and improve performance throughout the value chain. In a recent survey component shortage was slated as one of the top challenges faced by contract manufacturers, particularly those in tier two and three, below $1 billion in sales 

Software vendors Cogiscan and Aegis are both active in developing solutions that ensure the right information is available to deliver the right part to the line when it is needed and provide insight into materials usage and waste. X-ray equipment maker and counterfeit detection specialists, Creative Electron have been leading the way with parts counters that combine inspection with artificial intelligence to accurately count parts and detect counterfeits.

In this roundtable, Greg Benoit, regional sales manager, Americas & EMEA for Cogiscan; Michael Ford, senior director Emerging Industry Strategy at Aegis Software; and Dr. Bill Cardoso, CEO of Creative Electron share their ideas and insights with me on our studio during APEX 2019. The panelists discuss how different solutions can make the difference and how they can be integrated into the existing line and supply chain.

Has your organization started thinking about materials management in new ways? What are your biggest challenges? Let us know in the comments section below.

Filmed on location in San Diego at the SCOOP studio with sponsorship of Aegis Software, Cogiscan, Creative Electron, Fuji America, KIC and Koh Young Technology.

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