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Element14 Offers Arduino Products

LONDON — element14, Premier Farnell’s innovative online technology resource and community for electronic design engineers, announces it is now offering Arduino boards, workshop kits and accessories, giving design engineers and electronic enthusiasts access to an expanded range of open-source prototyping platforms. Based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software, the Arduino platform was designed to make the process of using electronics more accessible to hobbyists, DIY-ers and design engineers.

“Open-source design is having a dramatic impact on technology innovation and the working culture of software and hardware engineers,” said Jeff Hamilton, director of marketing for element14. “The addition of Arduino products coupled with the unique collaborative resources of our online community directly supports the exchange of technology, insight and knowledge that helps open-source solutions flourish.”

element14 features and facilitates purchase of all stocked Arduino boards, shields and accessories, ranging from the popular Arduino-UNO board and Ethernet shield, Bootloader microcontroller and supporting workshop kits, as well as two reference books, “Getting Started with Arduino,” and “Arduino Making Things Talk,” available in Europe through Farnell and in Asia element14. The element14 community also offers a collaborative global network of peers and experts where engineers and enthusiasts can share information, test and feedback their experiences in dedicated open-source and Arduino discussion groups.

An Arduino tutorial series has also begun this month on element14. The weekly videos, hosted by community member Jeremy Blum, an engineering student at Cornell University located in the U.S. and an avid open-source supporter, are geared towards beginners without prior electronics experience, as well as veteran engineers looking at using the Arduino platform for the first time. They cover workings, tips for getting started and more complicated programming and circuit designs.

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