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Element14 Stocks Würth Common Line Filters

SINGAPORE — element14 (formerly Farnell), the industry’s first fusion of commerce and community supporting millions of engineers and purchasing professionals worldwide, today offers electronic design engineers and purchasing professionals across the Asia Pacific region the industry’s high reliability and high performance common mode line filter series from Würth Electronik, the world’s leading provider for RF components and solutions.

Improving quality of data and signal transmission facilitators such as USB and LAN cable have become one of the challenges that electronics design engineers face today. Common mode noise filtering is one of the key aspects that electronics design engineers are focusing on in order to improve on the quality of data and signal transmissions.

Marc Grange, Head of Product Management, element14, Asia Pacific said, “Data and signal transmission is an integral element in the Asia Pacific electronics industry. In the communications sector, engineers continue to create products that deliver on the industry’s need for accuracy and high reliability. These engineers need components and solutions of the highest quality and element14 is here to help. The high performance products from Würth Electronik are now available through element14 in Asia Pacific for fast delivery, along with up-to-date information available on our element14 community, giving electronic design engineers who are working on reference designs or various design starts easy access from research to procurement.”

Professionals in the electronic design and manufacturing industries will be able to enjoy an unrivalled purchase and support experience through element14’s unique offering. Customers can purchase over 130,000 products with ease and flexibility via multiple channels with no minimum quantity or value, and next day delivery in most cities in Asia Pacific. 24/7 customer service telephone support and 24/5 online technical support are also available. In addition, customers can also visit and engage with the element14 online community to research, consult industry experts, and collaborate with design engineers and electronics enthusiasts around the globe.

WE-CNSW: Innovative and versatile solutions for noise suppression
Würth Electronik’s WE-CNSW common mode line filters are designed to improve quality of the data and clarity of signal transmission.

These filters, available in three different sizes, can be applied to a broad range of applications including the USB 2.0, the IEEE 1394 (FireWire), low-voltage differential signaling (LVDs), high speed data lines and local area network (LAN).

More about these filters:

  • These filters have high common mode noise suppression at high frequency;
  • Specially designed to have minimal interference on high speed signals through winding symmetry; and
  • Have high tolerance to extreme conditions with the operating temperature ranging from – 40ºC to +125ºC.
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