End-to-End IoT Security Simplified

SEATTLE — Securing an IoT device's communication with cloud services from end to end can be a daunting challenge. One of the biggest problems is the assignment, protection, and management of public decryption keys and certificates for authentication of deployed devices. To simplify those efforts for developers, Microchip in conjunction with Amazon Web Services (AWS) has developed a secure provisioning platform and associated support chip that streamline IoT security.

OEMs creating IoT devices, particularly for business and industrial apps, will need to ensure the security of the devices' connections to their web servers. But ensuring security requires more than simply supporting encryption in the design, Microchip's product marketing engineer Eustace Asanghanwa explained in an interview with EE Times. Encryption depends on the use of keys, which must themselves be kept safe if the communications are to be trustworthy. It is the generation, sharing, and management (including protection) of these keys that create the challenges for IoT OEMs.

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  1. Judith Myerson
    August 29, 2016

    I find your blog very informative. I had the previlege of reviewing researchers' paper on design challenges and opp;ortunities of improving security of IoT systems.  My opinions were published about a year ago.  

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