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ERA to Host an Inaugural Canada Chapter Opening Discussion on June 21, 2018

The Electronics Representatives Association (ERA) announced that it will host an inaugural event on June 21, 2018, at the Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, from 5 – 8 p.m., to announce the opening of a Canada ERA Chapter to provide support to all of Canada.

ERA is the largest electronic components representatives trade association in the world. Many existing ERA members already support the greater Canada market through their membership in the U.S., and the formation of a Canada ERA Chapter will in turn support members in the region.

The opening event will feature a presentation by ERA CEO Walter E. Tobin and ERA General Counsel Gerald Newman, partner in the law firm of Schoenberg, Finkel, Newman & Rosenberg LLC, which will showcase ERA's many membership benefits to manufacturers reps, distributors and manufacturers. During the event, the new Canada ERA Chapter will be responsible for appointing directors who will elect officers to run the chapter following the chapter bylaws established by ERA National.

“ERA is proud to announce the formation of its Canada Chapter, which will be located in Toronto. We already have many rep, manufacturer and distribution ERA members in Canada, but do not have a formal chapter. It is time to fix that,” said ERA CEO Walter E. Tobin about the upcoming event. “During this meeting, I will give a brief overview of ERA and the immediate and long-term goals for the Canada Chapter. I will be joined by Gerry Newman, who will describe the legal process needed to form the chapter, the establishment of chapter bylaws, leaders and officers and some general guidelines on how to run an active and vibrant chapter. I hope to see you all there!”

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