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European Agency Proposes New SVHCs

SAN FRANCISCO — An Alert from Design Chain Associates: European Chemicals Agency proposes 13 new candidate SVHCs

The European Chemicals Agency issued a press release stating that a 45-day consultation period began yesterday (February 28) for selection of the next set of candidate substances of very high concern (SVHCs). The list of substances is within the press release, along with a general indication of where they believe the substances are used, and the consultation itself may be accessed here.

If you are managing REACH issues for an electronics company or your products incorporate electronics, note that one of the substances, “Diboron trioxide” (also known simply as “boron oxide”), is widely used in surface-mount resistors and capacitors. It is classified as toxic for reproduction category 1B (per the CLP regulation, (EC) No 1272/2008).

The next step, after the 45-day period is over, is for ECHA and the member states to review the comments and decide on the final list of candidate SVHCs. When that is announced they will immediately be reportable under article 33 of REACH. Expect that to happen in the June/July timeframe.

If you would like to discuss how DCA can help you understand, comply with, and get ahead of REACH, please contact us for assistance.

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  1. mike_at_DCA
    February 29, 2012

    Please see for the press release referenced in the above. The proposal itself is here:


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